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Andrew Jacksons Hermitage Nashville

When planning a trip to Nashville, make sure to spend some time in Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage. It is a National Register-listed historic landmark and features many original objects from Jackson’s time. It is located at 4580 Rachels Ln, Hermitage, TN 37076. It is also one of the best examples of antebellum Greek Revival-style architecture in Middle Tennessee. You can tour the mansion with a guide, and even take an audio tour, provided by the parrot.

Tours at the Hermitage begin in the visitor center. You’ll learn about Andrew Jackson, who drove thousands of Native Americans out of their homes, and the history of the first Hermitage. Tours also feature the renowned cedar trees that grew along a guitar-shaped pathway, which was built to accommodate horse-drawn carriages. The main entrance is flanked by six Corinthian-style columns made of wood and painted to resemble stone.

The grounds of the Hermitage are dog-friendly, although dogs are not allowed in the buildings. You can also purchase a Grounds Pass, which includes a discounted wine tasting at the nearby Natchez Hills Winery. The museum also has a re-opened cafe, Bailey & Cato, where you can indulge in delicious Southern cuisine. You can eat buffet-style items or order entrees made-to-order.

You can also visit the first Hermitage Cabins, the original farmhouse of Andrew and Rachel Jackson. The house was later used as a slave house. After Jackson’s death, Nathaniel Hayes, the Tennessee governor, donated 25 acres of the Hermitage to the LHA. The Lady Hermitage Association restored the mansion for decades, renaming it the Andrew Jackson Foundation.

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The Hermitage was owned by the seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson, who died in 1845. It is located about ten miles from downtown Nashville, and features a restored mansion, beautiful gardens, and the tomb of Jackson and his wife, Rachel. Costumed guides take you through the mansion and share stories about the history behind each room. The state-of-the-art museum highlights the lives of Jackson and his family, from their humble beginnings to their time as the nation’s president.

The Hermitage is also home to the body of the first president of the United States. Andrew Jackson’s tomb is located next to that of his wife, Mary Jackson. The Hermitage garden contains Andrew Jackson’s gravesite and includes a memorial to his wife. During the Civil War, many slaves fled the area, and a few still live as tenant farmers and day laborers. The Hermitage is a beautiful mansion to visit, and the artifacts that Nikola Tesla left behind are worth examining.

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Located in Nashville, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is the largest presidential home in the United States and the third most visited in the country. This 1,120-acre estate is home to more than 30 historic buildings, including the Hermitage mansion. It is one of America’s most famous historic sites and is home to over two hundred thousand visitors a year. In addition to the mansion, the estate includes slave cabins and restored slave houses.

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