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Buy managed services today

Buying the managed services solution that is right for your business is an important decision, but it doesn't have to be a difficult one.

When considering which managed service provider to enter into an agreement with and purchase from, some things you definitely consider are making sure that they are fast to resolve issues if you ever have any, have proven reliability, and that the cost is within your budget.

Thankfully, you just happened to stumble across The Computer Butler.  We have a proven track record with over 8 years of experience. We can help take your network the next level.

Our Managed IT Services Are:


  • Fast

  • Reliable

  • Affordable

Our managed services provide you with nearly immediate access to remote support, as well as business-class protection from viruses, malware, and ransomware. We also provide backup solutions and disaster recovery services.

We strongly encourage you to contact us today to discuss the managed service solution that's right for you.

Computer Butler

Just a few of the benefits you get by choosing The Computer Butler:

  • Improve security and compliance

  • Proactively approach IT problems

  • Get better uptime

  • Gain access to newer technology

  • Reduce internal IT staff

  • Have peace of mind

  • Save money doing by switching today

Whether you're new to using managed services or simply want to a better solution, there's no harm in a no-obligation consultation with The Computer Butler.

If you're ready to buy your manage services, we're ready to serve you.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Photo of Shane McFarland

He took over our IT and almost immediately we felt more confident in our technology

Just a huge thanks to The Computer Butler for everything they do for us. We were struggling to keep up with demand because our computers and internet were so slow, but thanks to Chris' help we're in one of the best growth periods in our history.


Shane McFarland Construction (and mayor of Murfreesboro)

Photo of Maria Salas

Great service, at the right place. The Computer Butler has my full confidence.

The Computer Butler handled our IT support for over a year before I was appointed to a judgeship. Chris handled migrating all of our data to his cloud platform, and I can still access all of the information I need about my firm, whenever I need it. We didn't lose a single byte of data.


Salas Law Group

Photo of Jane Sharp

We went from daily downtime to faster computers, faster internet, and zero virus/malware problems.

Chris actually worked with us on his Eagle Scout project over a decade ago. We reached out to him last year because we had experienced a lot of growth (we went from 10 PCs to over 40), and we were honestly desperate for help. We went from daily downtime and no knowledge of where we stood with our IT - to faster computers, faster internet, and zero virus/malware problems. We couldn't be happier with our decision.


Greenhouse Ministries

Photo od Greg Fairbetter

We feel safe with our data in his company's hands, and are very happy that his cloud solution allows us to work from pretty much anywhere.

One of our employees had worked with Chris in the past, and recommended him when we started to have issues with downtime and losing data due to various failures - definitely not a good thing when you're in an industry with compliance requirements. Chris moved us over to his cloud platform, and we've been able to operate much faster and more reliably ever since.


Broker Title & Escrow

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