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Take the IT Infrastructure of Your Nashville Construction Business to the Next Level

Contractors and other construction professionals, almost more so than anyone else, rely heavily on IT infrastructure to get their jobs done as safely and as efficiently as possible every day. At The Computer Butler, we want to help make sure you have the tools you need to get the job done right the first time - whether you're on the job site or in your office no longer matters.

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At The Computer Butler, we have years of rock solid experience helping construction industry professionals just like you on a regular basis.

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We've helped dozens of customers build the types of industry-specific networks they need when they need them the most.

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We've got stellar customer satisfaction for a very important reason - we take the time to learn our clients individually so that we can tailor solutions to them, not force them to adapt to our solutions.


to Get Started on Your Construction IT Technology Consultation


The 21st Century Has Finally Arrived

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Data Backup Services

Over 40 terabytes of data are effortlessly backed up and securely stored on our Backup Butler data backup & disaster recovery cloud platform.

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Business Continuity Planning

If a tornado or earthquake rips through your office, you can rest assured that your data and IT infrastructure are safe on our Backup Butler disaster recovery platform. 

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Cloud Email Hosting

Communication & collaboration are at the core of any successful construction company, and with The Computer Butler, your core will be stronger than ever.

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IT Managed Services

Your IT infrastructure is critical - so don't wait until it breaks to react. Let us take action today to prevent problems in the first place.

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Network Security

We work diligently to proactively defend your network from both hackers and malicious pieces of software that want to do you harm.

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Instant Remote Support

Call us, email us, or put in a ticket, and we’ll usually respond within 15 minutes and address any problems you might have.


At The Computer Butler we are eager to help your construction business support your critical core applications such as estimating, accounting, project management, document management, scale management and ERP solutions.

We believe in a custom approach to solution design that can be integrated with (but certainly not limited to) the following software:


More than Just Your Nashville IT Support Provider

Even though the construction industry isn't commonly seen as a "high tech business," we all know just how big of a misconception that idea really is. Every project you participate in, regardless of its size, depends on your ability to share information across a wide range of people in an effort to keep everyone in the loop. You, your staff, your subcontractors, and everyone else in-between need access to the latest information, and they need it quickly.

At The Computer Butler, we're prepared to leverage every bit of our industry knowledge & experience to your advantage, providing you with the infrastructure you need for all your operations, start to finish. Everything from estimating, to project management, to collaboration, to your billing system will all run smooth as butter. More than that though, we can build you a tailored IT division that’s optimized with your own operations in mind. Instead of trying to force you to exist in the same "one size fits all" box as everyone else, we want to play to the strengths of what makes you unique, and we want to use IT as a way to do it.


Building Better Construction IT Services in Nashville and Beyond

If you're in or around the Nashville area and want your IT infrastructure to finally start working for your construction business (instead of feeling like you need to bend your business to make up for the limitations of your current IT), you've absolutely come to the right place.

Contact us today to request your technology consultation so we can get started.
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