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Do these scenarios sound familiar?

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Are you frustrated?

You find yourself increasingly at a disadvantage because your computer is slow, your inbox is full of spam, and your printer is low on ink. 

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Are you vulnerable?

You have intellectual property and other sensitive data that needs to be protected, but this is a major challenge when your network isn't properly secured. 

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Are you incompliant?

Your company has industry standards to meet and compliance requirements, and you're having to spend more time every day staying one step ahead of rules that seem to change as frequently as the weather.

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If so, you're OVERPAYING

If you have an existing IT company/person and your computer isn't lightning-fast, you're definitely overpaying. Contact Us now to take the first step in optimizing and fully protecting your Information Technology.

If this sounds like you, we can help!


Management. Forethought. Direction. Your IT, Elevated.

We manage every aspect of your organization's IT, so you can focus on growth instead of your broken printer. We create an environment where your technology becomes a foundation for progress, rather than a stressful hindrance. If your network is being managed properly, you should hardly ever have to call your IT company/person, because your technology isn't breaking in the first place. If things are breaking, call us.

We cover all the bases: protection from hackers & viruses/malware/ransomware, software updates, data backup & disaster recovery planning, and most importantly... creative thinking about how to leverage your technology to grow your organization. A company/organization is like a garden - it will only grow and flourish under the right conditions. We know how to create those conditions by managing your network effectively.


IT Consulting + Managed IT Services and Support

For small businesses in particular, the managed IT support model has a reputation of being daunting and too expensive. With The Computer Butler, that isn't the case. We'd like to debunk a few common industry myths for you: 

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"We only need help for one-time IT problems or projects." Hear us out: pro-active monitoring and maintenance prevents your computer from breaking in the first place. This saves you time, and almost completely eliminates both repair expenses and technology headaches.
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"We're happy with our current IT provider." If they're taking good care of you, that's great! We invite you to check out a few short questions to clarify how well you're being taken care of: 
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"We can't afford a good IT company." Yes, you can. And we invite you to discover that for yourself by working with us. Our clients usually see a both a reduction in IT expenses over time, and an increase in productivity once we have your network humming along the way it should be.


For Small Businesses & Nonprofits

The Computer Butler’s Managed IT Support Services are designed to give you a competitive edge, by building a truly customized IT solution that works best for you, and no one else. Free yourself from the myth of the "one size fits all" approach that so many of our competitors use. We want to hear about your goals, and then we'll help you leverage technology to achieve them. 

Ready to get started? Click the "Let's Talk" button below and we'll find some time to connect with you.


Managed IT Support Services

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We make sure your network is protected, your servers & computers are fast and up-to-date, and your data is safe and secure - and we do it all for one fixed, predictable monthly fee. Learn more about buying managed services.

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Need to address an important issue that came up while you're on vacation? Or you just want to work from home today? Okay! Our Cloud Services provide round-the-clock availability, and are fully secure & scalable. We leverage both our own infrastructure and Microsoft Azure for an enterprise-class cloud environment. Learn more about our Cloud Services.

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Cyber Security has become crucial to any organization's ability to continue operating in the 2021 technological climate. If you don't know if you're secure, you're not secure. Contact Us today to conduct a network security consultation. 


What Our Customers Are Saying

Photo of Maria Salas

The Computer Butler handled our IT support for over a year before I was appointed Chancery Court Clerk. Chris handled migrating all of our data to his cloud platform, and I can still access all of the information I need about my former law firm, whenever I need it. We didn't lose a single byte of data.


Salas Law Group

greg fairbetter photo

One of our employees worked with Chris at a former employer, and recommended him when we started to have issues with our network. Chris moved us over to his hybrid-cloud platform, and we've been able to operate much faster and more reliably ever since.


Broker Title & Escrow


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in client savings & increased revenue, from reduced IT cost and increased productivity.

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40+ TB

of data secured & backed up on our enterprise-class cloud platform.

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15 minute

average ticket response time. ~1 hour average ticket resolution time. 

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computers, servers, and other network devices managed, monitored, and maintained.

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