Gartner predicts that 50% of all enterprises will have Nashville Cloud Servers by 2017.
Beat that with a stick.

Nashville Cloud Servers from The Computer Butler allow you to cut costs, budget more accurately, and stop worrying about IT headaches. The Cloud isn’t going anywhere. Here’s why:

  • nashville cloud serversMobilityyou can work from anywhere. Imagine sitting at a Starbucks, or in a hotel room, and being able to access your programs and files just like you were at your desk.  You can print to a local printer from our Cloud Servers, and even use multiple screens if you want to.
  • Affordability – we have clients with only 2 or 3 employees using Cloud Servers, up to 10+ employees… and they all rave about it being so much simpler and less costly than an in-office server.
  • Savings – you save a TON of money on electricity & maintenance costs over time – because we handle making sure everything runs properly, and keeping your data safe from disaster.
  • Scalability – if you’re growing fast and hiring people, we can add as much processing power, RAM, and hard drive space to our Cloud Servers as you need – thanks to our partnership with Windows Azure, the sky’s the limit (no pun intended).
  • Security – there’s no such thing as perfect security, but we can get pretty close with all of the hardware under our control, and on our own firewalled network.

All of our Cloud Servers run on Enterprise-Class hardware, and are closely monitored 24/7. The servers themselves use error-correcting memory, and have redundant power supplies and redundant hard drives to prevent downtime in the event of a hardware failure. We keep spare parts in stock, and can swap them out at a moment’s notice if necessary. Our environment is climate-controlled, and boasts 5,000 VA Battery Backups in case of power failure, as well as a 10,000 watt generator on hot-standby in case of an extended power outage. Our servers are also connected to the internet via two redundant internet connections, and we’re in the process of securing fiber-optic connectivity – which will mean Gigabit internet speeds (1 Gbps) for your server. By combining all of these features, we’re proud to guarantee 100% up-time for our Cloud Servers, or you will receive a credit on your bill.

In addition to the Nashville Cloud Servers that we offer, we can also leverage Cloud Servers from Microsoft’s massive infrastructure in Windows Azure.  No matter how big your need, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re interested in a Cloud Server (or want more technical information), Contact Us today!

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