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5 Benefits Of Managed IT Services

In the growing world of technology, there is significant importance on having IT services that can run smoothly and handle the continuous innovations that occur within the industry. Most businesses grow to a point where they need more than just a few IT staff available; and many will struggle with their infrastructure simply not being able to meet demands.

If you’re still relying on an in-house IT team with the old “break it, fix it” model, it’s a good time to learn about managed services.
With managed IT services, you get a proactive approach to IT solutions and problems.

What Are Managed Services?

The term managed services refers to getting outsourced services in administration and management. While not all managed services focus on IT, the most commonly referred to is managed IT services. When you partner with a third-party  IT managed service provider (MSP) such as The Computer Butler, you’ll have assistance with anything from server maintenance to infrastructure management, security, compliance and so much more. While you may think that it wouldn’t be helpful to request assistance from a third-party managed IT service because you’re worried about cost, there are actually many benefits that can save you a significant amount in the long run.

If you’re a small business, getting onboard with managed services can help you play at the same level as larger to enterprise sized businesses.

Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Managed IT Services For SMBs.

  1. Better, Faster Support from Experienced Professionals

    As stated in the beginning, technology is ever-changing and advancing, which means that over time, the IT team you currently work with may not have the right skill set to assist with the current size of your business. With a managed IT service, you hire a team that fits your specific needs and pay a monthly rate without hiring new IT staff and spending weeks onboarding them. This is one of the main cost benefits of managed IT services.

    Additionally, while in-house staff may be qualified, they likely aren't as experienced as a MSP. We'd all rather go to an experienced doctor, right? The same is true for IT.

  2. Level The Playing Field

    Most small to medium sized businesses simply can't afford the kind of in-house support that large companies have and maintain. That's why outsourcing your IT can help you act bigger than you are. You get access to similar technology and expertise for a fraction of the cost.

  3. Staying Focused On Your Actual Business

    Why should you have to worry about complex IT decisions? All businesses have limited resources, and managers have both limited time and attention available. Let The Computer Butler worry about IT for you and take some of that load off yourself.

  4. Avoid Downtime, Which Can Be Expensive

    Another major benefit of managed services is that they take a proactive approach to problems. Rather than just sitting and waiting for something to go wrong, the MSP will use remote management and monitor tools to identify and troubleshoot problems before they have the potential to actually become an issue. With The Computer Butler, data backup and recovery is standard if you have our support plan!

  5. Be Supported with Security and Compliance

    Various software platforms collect and analyze an incredible amount of data each day in your business, making it essential for you to have an engineer who is knowledgeable about current regulations regarding security and compliance. While managed IT services cannot help you with your corporate compliance needs, they can work with your legal team to make sure everything is up to par in connection to regulations.

In Conclusion

After looking over these managed service benefits, it should be evident that you can save money, avoid several IT headaches and gain access to a better support team. You get to know that your business’s technology needs are being taken care of, and your IT team will be happier too.

We highly recommend you consider scheduling a consultation with The Computer Butler today, so that we can help you with all of these things and take your network to the next level.


Get started with your Professional IT Consultation

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Why choose The Computer Butler as your managed service provider?

  • Our network engineers are trained and certified on industry standard best practices to manage your IT.

  • We have over 8 years of proven experience and reliable service.

  • Most support tickets resolved in an hour or less.

  • We provide competitive and affordable rates.

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