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Cloud Services for Small Businesses and Nonprofits

"The Cloud," put simply, is probably the most exciting advancement to come along for small businesses and nonprofits in a generation. Using cloud services allows you to level-out your IT expenses, instead of making big capital outlays for new servers or network equipment. It also allows you to save on maintenance, repair, power, and security upkeep costs for that equipment. Cloud Services are a cost-effective, safe, and feature-rich way to leverage cloud technology for your business.

  • When asked, roughly 75% of small business owners said that cloud technologies have made their companies more productive, and more competitive.

  • Nearly every client that uses our cloud services has reported both a reduction in IT hardware & maintenance costs, as well as increased productivity.

  • We combine both our own "Hyper-V" infrastructure and the Microsoft Azure Platform to provide you with enterprise-class HaaS (Hardware as a Service).

Empowering Your Business

with Cloud Services

Put 21st Century Technology to Work for You!

Regardless of the type of business you're running or even the industry that you're operating in, it's clear that cloud computing checks a lot of pretty critical boxes - essentially all at the same time. For starters, it's an unbeatable opportunity for organizations like yours to enjoy tremendous cost-savings almost immediately. Instead of being forced to pay massive sums of money up-front to find the latest technological assets, install them, and train people to use them and maintain them over the long haul... you get access to everything you need in a scalable, agile way. And you get it for one fixed, predictable monthly cost.

With a Cloud Server, all of the downsides that come with maintaining your own in-house environment vanish in an instant. Factors like cybersecurity, proactive monitoring and maintenance, upgrades, and disaster recovery all disappear – because we’re taking care of it for you. Guaranteed.

The end result is a symphony of productivity and mobility. You and your team get to spend your time focusing on your business, instead of worrying if your technology is going to work right that day. Since you’re using The Computer Butler’s cloud now, you also get to work from anywhere.


Unbeatable Features for Unparalleled Success

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"Three Nines"

We partner with Microsoft Azure to ensure the highest possible availability of our cloud services. This means 99.9% up-time guaranteed, or you'll receive a credit on your invoice.

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Anywhere, Anytime

Using our cloud services, you can work anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection. Share files and collaborate with teammates anywhere in the world seamlessly using Microsoft Teams from Office 365. 

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Secure Cloud

Our cloud environment operates behind enterprise-class firewalls, and utilizes best-in-class security software and network security policies. Our infrastructure is geo-redundant, and disaster-proof. Your data is safe with us, guaranteed. 

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