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Your Communication Foundation Just Got a Whole Lot Stronger

Email used to be a simple way to send messages across the internet. Now, it's the life-blood of a company's communications. From the way you collaborate internally, to the way you forge valuable relationships with clients and partners, your email system is where it all starts. We can help you access the full range of benefits that email systems like Office 365 and G Suite offer.

  • It is estimated that by as soon as 2021, there will be 316 billion emails sent every single day.

  • Right now, there are 74 trillion emails sent every single year.

  • At The Computer Butler, we've already partnered with dozens of Nashville businesses to help them create the types of communications systems that are built with their own unique challenges in mind.


Any Way, No Exceptions

The business email services we use (like Office 365 and G Suite) not only have the latest and greatest tools, they're expandable almost without limit. We want to help you build credibility, generate calls, increase revenue, empower collaboration, and strengthen communication. Put another way, we want to help you grow. 

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You're Just a Few Clicks Away

You're just a single phone call away from learning how you can finally have the comprehensive, holistic business email infrastructure you need at this critical time in your organization's life.


Providing a Platform of Communication and Collaboration

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Unified Communications

Manage your email, contacts, and calendars all in one central location, and sync them between your computer, tablet, etc. seamlessly.

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Share & Collaborate

Share calendars between users, send attachments up to 50 MB, set auto-replies, or delegate your mailbox access to another user for when you’re on vacation. Sync and share files with Sharepoint and OneDrive.

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IM & Conferencing

Leverage Microsoft Teams for instant messaging & conferencing. Sometimes it's easier to text or have a video conference, instead of a bunch of emails back and forth. 

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Compliant Archiving

Have a huge mailbox? Can't receive email because you've run out of space? We can enable automatic archiving of your older email, so your mailbox is never too large to cause problems again. We can also set legal hold policies to make sure email never gets truly deleted.

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Automatic Setup

After your email system is configured, all you’ll have to do is enter your email address and password on your PC or phone, and our system will fill in the settings for you.

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Encryption and Security Features

Never worry about business email-related cybersecurity issues ever again thanks to a number of features designed to keep you protected.


You'll Probably Be Glad You Did

By now, you're well aware that investing in business email is a step that is well worth taking - so let's take things to the next level, together. Contact us today to request your technology consultation.

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