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Remote Access Solutions in Nashville

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Remote Access Solutions

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are now looking for ways to minimize person-to-person contact. One of the least disruptive ways to make the transition to remote work is to enable a Remote Access Service, such as Remote Desktop.

Additionally, the costs to set up a Remote Desktop system may be covered by your insurance policy and/or government programs, such as an SBA economic injury disaster loan.

  • Remote Desktop provides the same familiar Windows user interface your employees are accustomed to.

  • Users will be able to continue working seamlessly, and even print from the cloud to their local printer. 

  • Combine Remote Desktop services with a Hyper-V Cloud Server to centralize everyone's programs and files, and provide increased security and scalability.

The Computer Butler's Remote Services

Easy-to-use and intuitive remote access solutions

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Save $ on Licensing

All Windows 10 Professional operating systems come with one Remote Desktop license built-in. Your users can simply remote in to their office desktops and continue work. Alternatively, set up a cloud server for more flexibility & processing power. 

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Anywhere, Anytime

Using our remote access solutions, you can work anywhere, anytime as long as you have an internet connection. Share files and collaborate with teammates anywhere in the world seamlessly using Microsoft Teams from Office 365. 

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Secure Remote Access

Our remote access solutions use AES-256 (bank-grade) encryption for data, both in-transit and at-rest. 

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