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Some of society's most intractable challenges are addressed by enterprise-class organizations, both for-profit and nonprofit. We understand the critical nature of ensuring the systems that sustain these organizations work, and work well. We also understand that operational interruptions due to broken technology or a cyber security breach can become very costly to all parties involved very quickly.

At The Computer Butler, we leverage the latest tools & technologies to keep your computer systems and networks running securely and quickly. We labor to foster a relationship of trust and camaraderie with all of our clients. We ensure that you have the right tools and skill sets to get the job done right the first time.

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Since 2013, The Computer Butler LLC has provided exemplary IT consulting, cyber security, and customer service to small and large organizations in the greater middle Tennessee area. 

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We've helped dozens of customers build the types of industry- and project-specific networks they need when they need them the most.

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We have stellar customer satisfaction ratings on both Google and Facebook, and for a very important reason: we believe in servant-leadership.


Start your journey to more secure and more reliable IT.


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Data Backup Services

We proudly and securely store terabytes' worth of data on our proprietary Backup Butler platform. We have never lost a single byte of customer data. 

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Business Continuity Planning

If a tornado or earthquake rips through your office (God forbid), you can rest assured that your data and IT infrastructure are quite safe on our Backup Butler platform.

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Communication & Collaboration

Communication and collaboration are at the core of any successful company, and with The Computer Butler, your core will be stronger than ever. 

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IT Managed Services

Your IT infrastructure is critical - so don't wait until it breaks to react. Let us take action today to prevent problems in the first place.

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Network Security

We work diligently to proactively defend your network from both hackers and malicious pieces of software that want to do you harm.

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Instant Remote Support

Call, email, or submit a ticket and we’ll usually respond within 15 minutes and address any problems you might have. Our goal, though, is to prevent your problems before you're even aware of them. 


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