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What are virtual containers?

What are virtual containers?

Virtual containers are changing the way business IT design and support are carried out, just like virtualization technology did a few years ago. If your small business could benefit from reduced computer hardware costs and increased workplace efficiency, it’s time to learn more about containers.

What are containers and why are they so popular?

Virtual containers are like digital versions of shipping containers, which use uniform packaging to simplify the portability and transportation of goods.

Virtual desktops, the predecessors to virtual containers, let users simply log into a web-based desktop, complete with a Recycle bin, Start bar, you name it. They’re wonderfully convenient, but require a fair amount of computing power to run. The next logical step was to let users work from non-cloud desktops, but connect them to individual apps powered by servers across a local network or internet connection.

A qualified IT professional just needs to gather everything an app needs to run, put it in a container, and give users a way to access it. The servers that make this possible are designed to do all the work so users don’t need high-end computers or specific operating systems to take full advantage of the app.

What are the benefits of containers?

The best thing about virtual containers is its simplicity. Your IT technicians can make important applications available to the entire office without having to install them on each computer. This also means you don’t need to worry about computers with limited hard drive space, incompatible operating systems, or slow processors.

Furthermore, when containers are updated on the server, the changes are immediately applied to any computer connected to the app.

The biggest obstacle to taking advantage of these benefits is the amount of technical expertise required to set them up and support them. It’s not something most in-house technicians can keep up with if they’re also in charge of day-to-day troubleshooting. Thankfully, the fact that containers can be accessed over the internet means IT providers can take care of most of the work remotely.

Want to maximize your business potential through virtualization and containers but need outside help? Call us today.

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